The O-Bahn is a unique public transport system in Adelaide, South Australia. It is the only guided busway of its kind in Australia and one of the few in the world. It runs along a dedicated right-of-way, separate from the general traffic, allowing buses to travel faster and more reliably. The O-Bahn has become an integral part of the Adelaide transport network, with its high-speed, reliable service providing commuters with a fast and efficient way to travel around the city. So, why does this unique public transport system only exist in Adelaide? The answer lies in the city's geography. The flat terrain of the city and its wide roads provide the perfect environment for the O-Bahn to exist. Additionally, the city's population density is relatively low, with fewer people needing to be transported between different destinations. This means that the relatively low cost of the O-Bahn system is viable for a city of its size. As such, the O-Bahn is the perfect solution for Adelaide's public transport needs.